Blog resurrected and tales of the Lakes !


So here I am , finally blogging again . Since my old blog got taken over with comments from various Indian escort agencies toting their wares , I have decided to start afresh . I have decided I like words and writing as well as creating , designing and sticking things down with glue. I really wanted to do English Language as an A level but my school only did English Literature and I thought they can't be that different but ofcourse they were . Making sense of Shakespeare, line by line ,did nothing for me , and as I started falling behind , it all came to a head when we were taken to see a production of King Lear at the Old Vic in London and ,when the interval came, I genuinely thought it had finished.

Anyway , I will try to share my musings here; creative or not .But probably creative. And with the odd rant . Here is a photo taken in the Lake District last week where we met a couple pushing a blind dog in a pram and had an altercation with a very rude ,posh man in a gallery .

The Lakes had had a light sprinkling of snow that morning and were stunningly beautiful . Someone needs to set up a Lakes Rent A Dog business as we were outnumbered by all the dog owners , and it certainly looked useful going uphill.

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